AE-MDL-7960 High Current DC Motor Controller:MDL-7960_400 (LEGACY)

Download MDL-7960 Schematic

Need to control your DC motor with up to 70A of continuous current (Abs Max Rating)? The BTN79x0 line of half H Bridges is the solution!

Note: Infineon is currently selling the BTN7930, BTN7960 and BTN7960. BTS7930 and BTS7960 devices have been declared obsolete. However, all of these devices can be soldered to the MDL-7960 module.

This 2 “ x 2” module contains two of these half H Bridges, making a full H Bridge, but still maintaining independence for uses such as 3 Phase Motor driving or DC/DC regulators.

The small module will work perfectly with any microcontroller (MSP430, 80C51, AVR, etc). Its input logic is 3.3V or 5V tolerant. All you need to apply is your battery power, a DC motor and the ENABLE HI and ENABLE LO signals for each leg. Could not be simpler!

Spade tabs allow for connections to the Power Plane and Output stage. Also, corner pads offer the same connectivity.

Jumpers allow the ENABLE HI (INHA and INHB) signals to be tied together. As a result, PWMing both ENABLE LO (INA and INB) signals allow for speed and direction control.

30A to 70A of continuous current is a lot! Are you sure you can handle such power? Then enjoy this little design from my app notebook.

NOTE: To reach the high current these H Bridges have been designed to handle (up to 70A!), junction temperature must remain low. The MDL-7960 module offers some thermal heat sinking but not enough to reach the 30A to 70A range on a consistent manner. If you need this much current capability, some other cooling technique (e.g. air flow, water cooling, etc) must be employed.


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