June 2, 2012: AE-MegaBridge-TP


I wasn’t going to do it but how can I not? Here is a design for a single brushed DC motor using the DRV8840 or DRV8842 single H Bridge power stage. The device is rated at 5A but to reach such a high current impressive thermal impedance is required. Thanks to the Power Peg technology this is not a possibility.

May 19, 2012: AE-CNC8825-TP


The results with Power Peg and the DRV8818PWP power stage were so enticing I decided it was time to migrate to Power Peg technology on all of my boards. This module was designed around the DRV8825 which can do up to 2.5A and 32 degrees of microstepping. It is also part of a new idea I am working on to enhance the CNC experience. Since the great majority of customers are purchasing these boards to build their CNC machines I figure the least I can do is optimize designs for this project.

This module will sit interface into a Mother Board which will receive up to four units for the ultimate CNC machine experience. And thanks to the Power Peg and the airfoil, the machine will enjoy from high reliability as well as best performance only 32 degrees of microstepping can offer.

April 11, 2012: AE-STPR8818-TP


I have been a little bit busy. In fact, have not posted new designs in very long months. Why? Well because I have been working on a new technology which promises to revolutionize integrated power drive modules. As you may have noticed on all of my boards there is an integrated power stage revolving around a Power Pad based device. What this means is the bare board and its copper structure are also the heat sink. Could this be the best way to do things?

Behold the new technology, The POWER PEG!!!

The AE-STPR8818-TP is a module designed around a very efficient thermal management solution consisting of a Power Peg which interfaces with the device’s Power Pad and an air foil for maximum thermal efficiency. The results are mind blowing! And with this module, the DRV8818PWP device can be taken to 3A. Yes, 3A! Is it safe? Well, thanks to Power Peg technology, the device does not go above 42C so that is way safer than operating at 2.5A without the heat sink and running temperatures around 110C. Power Peg is my new best friend, and soon it will be yours too!

September 9, 2011: AE-STPR8818


Although the STPR8811 stepper module will accept a DRV8818 with no problem, I thought of creating a little module for the new 2.5A stepper driver from Texas Instruments. The DRV8818 is in essence 100% compatible to the DRV8818, except for reduced voltage range. In return, the user gets improved thermal capabilities as the DRV8818 was designed with larger power FETs packing lower RDSon. In fact, the DRV8818 will reach the 2.5A sine wave peak mark without much effort. And the 2.5A mark runs so well, we are even studying the possibility of taking this little module to the extreme.

On this module we have removed the diodes as there is really no need to have external diodes in order to run cooler. The board is also smaller, following the 2.5” x 2.5” form factor. No need for a fan or a heat sink although pads are available in case you want to strap one on. But really, chances are you will not need it!

NOTE: This module was superseded by the AE-STPR8818-TP as we have merged to using Power Peg technology for improved thermal impedance and enhanced performance.


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