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When it comes to drive bipolar stepper drivers there is really nothing better than a microstepping power stage. There are many out there, but which one will you choose? Will it be a device that can blow up when the motor is connected/disconnected or a driver with enough protection to ensure long years of CNC and automation actuation? May I suggest a DRV8818? With up to 8 degrees of microstepping and rated at 2.5A per phase, this microstepper should tackle must stepping applications out there.

Now... Let me tell you a little secret... The DRV8818 is rated at 2.5A but thanks to a new amazing technology we have been able to “over drive” this puppy to unimaginable new levels. Yes, it can do 2.5A and with the Power Peg based heat sink it can also do 3A. You read correctly! The heat sink lets the device runs so cool, the internal temperature protection does not need to kick in. In fact, at 3A the device will be running pretty cool! Cool, isn’t it?

The AE-STPR8818-TP comes with all the signals you will need to drive your bipolar stepper motor. Jumpers allow you to pre configure the nSLEEP, nRESET and USMx bits in case you do not want to drive these signals. This makes it easy to interconnect this power stage into your CNC machine by using a parallel access board such as the AE-CNCBridge , which supplies nENABLE, STEP and DIR signals as commanded by your favorite CNC controller software.

Two potentiometers allow you to configure chopping current and decay modes. You can connect your motor by using the 4 pin screw terminal connector or a simple 4 pin 0.1” pitch header connector.

This module will only be offered as a fully assembled module as soldering the Power Peg properly is an important step behind obtaining excellent thermal performance.


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