Get those 5A cranking!

Download AE-MegaBridge-TP data sheet
Download AE-MegaBridge-TP Schematic


The AE-MegaBridge-TP is the answer on how to pump 5A out of your DRV8840PWP or DRV8842PWP device. With a 2 layer board alone it is just too hard to run 5A worth of current through your DC motor as the power dissipation is too large. What we need is major cooling and with Power Peg technology this is what we get!

The AE-MegaBridge-TP is very similar to the other MegaBridge boards. You get access to all the control signals, although we have wired all the Ix pins to VCC as we do not plan on doing microstepping with this powerful guy. The motor can be connected to a two pin header or a 2 position screw terminal block. Supply VM, control lines and GO! Is that simple!


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